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      The cycle of Lilith consists of 9 years. Lilith is not a material body. It is a fictitious planet linked to the apogee (or the most distant point) of the Moon’s orbit. Astrology links Lilith to our dark side, which can be described as the most egoistic, the least conscious, the most submissive to instincts and dark nature, the most dependant on the past dark karma and mistakes, and the most conditioned by the surrounding impact, temptations, and shortcomings part within us. Lilith occupied a certain position at the moment of birth of each of us. Therefore I want you to read the descriptions of Lilith without fears or reproaches that everything will come true. The descriptions cover a great number of possible cases (it is impossible to describe them all). Nevertheless it does not mean that everything applies to you. You may recognize one or several features or situations, but you should also have in mind that they may have different intensity or they may even be already purified.
      When a person is born (even if he is a saint), Lilith is positioned in one or another sign of the zodiac at that moment. However, it does not mean that everything linked to that position applies to this concrete person. I do not want you to read and reproach or frighten yourself. May this knowledge bring you protection and warning. May wisdom guide you when you read…
      Lilith, the Black Moon, has three levels of expression in our life:
      The first level: A person is aware of his bad actions, but he is still acting in this way and enjoying or justifying this evil behavior.
      The second level: A person perceives what is evil. He aims to hurt neither himself nor others. He makes every effort to get rid of bad habits, but he experiences karmic retribution (consequences) for destructive actions in this or past lives. He faces the reverses of fortune linked to the position of Lilith. Nevertheless a constant attempt to purify and get rid of destructive habits (linked to Lilith) helps to make the influence of Lilith less expressed.
      The third level: A person already knows how to resist ‘Lilith poisons’. He recognizes these shortcomings and knows how to stop and make them no longer effective. He has nearly completed his karma linked to this position of Lilith. However, this is a rare case. Most often this person already knows how to resist certain shortcomings, but he is still in the learning process how to resist the remaining bad habits. This person is in the active process of self-development. After all if you aim to preserve peace and good karma, do not be hasty to blame, reproach, or condemn yourself or others for big and sometimes painful attempts to resist and transform shortcomings. When a person clearly perceives how Lilith influences his life, he acquires ‘the soul’s antidotes’, i.e. immunity from the negative influence of the Black Moon. Lilith becomes neutral and no longer able to influence this person. He is able to protect himself from its poisons.
      Now I will explain how to find out where Lilith was at the moment of someone’s birth or on a specific day of some other important event. Let’s imagine that the date which interests you is 1968-04-15. You can see in the table that this date is between the following two dates: 1967-09-22 (when Lilith entered the sign of Bull) and 1968-06-17 (when nine months later Lilith entered the sign of Gemini). Nine months are needed for Lilith to pass one sign of the zodiac and nine years are needed for it to pass the entire cycle of all signs. Therefore Lilith was in Bull on the day, which interests us.
      Let’s look at one more example. Let’s imagine that the date which interests you is 1995-12-31. We can see in the table that this date is between the following two dates: 1995-09-28 (when Lilith entered the sign of Cancer) and 1996-06-23 (when Lilith moved to the sign of Leo). Therefore Lilith was in Cancer on the day, which interests you. These examples show how to determine all other positions of Lilith in the signs of the zodiac at the moment of someone’s birth or on some other important day.

The Zodiac 1913-1921 1922-1930 1931-1939 1940-1948 1949-1957 1958-1966
 Aries 1913-11-26 1922-10-01 1931-08-07 1940-06-11 1949-04-17 1958-02-20
 Bull 1914-08-22 1923-06-28 1932-05-02 1941-03-08 1950-01-11 1958-11-16
 Gemini 1915-05-18 1924-03-23 1933-01-26 1941-12-02 1950-10-07 1959-08-13
 Cancer 1916-02-12 1924-12-17 1933-10-23 1942-08-28 1951-07-04 1960-05-08
 Leo 1916-11-07 1925-09-12 1934-07-19 1943-05-24 1952-03-29 1961-02-01
 Virgo 1917-08-03 1926-06-09 1935-04-14 1944-02-18 1952-12-23 1961-10-29
 Libra 1918-04-30 1927-03-05 1936-01-08 1944-11-13 1953-09-18 1962-07-25
 Scorpio 1919-01-24 1927-11-29 1936-10-04 1945-08-09 1954-06-15 1963-04-20
 Sagittarius 1919-10-20 1928-08-25 1937-06-30 1946-05-06 1955-03-11 1964-01-15
 Capricorn 1920-07-15 1929-05-21 1938-03-26 1947-01-30 1955-12-05 1964-10-10
 Aquarius 1921-04-11 1930-02-14 1938-12-21 1947-10-26 1956-08-31 1965-07-06
 Pisces 1922-01-05 1930-11-10 1939-09-16 1948-07-21 1957-05-27 1966-04-01

The Zodiac 1967-1975 1976-1984 1985-1993 1994-2002 2003-2011
 Aries 1966-12-27 1975-11-01 1984-09-06 1993-07-12 2002-05-18
 Bull 1967-09-22 1976-07-27 1985-06-02 1994-04-07 2003-02-11
 Gemini 1968-06-17 1977-04-23 1986-02-26 1995-01-02 2003-11-07
 Cancer 1969-03-14 1978-01-17 1986-11-23 1995-09-28 2004-08-03
 Leo 1969-12-08 1978-10-13 1987-08-19 1996=06-23 2005-04-29
 Virgo 1970-09-03 1979-07-10 1988-05-14 1997-03-20 2006-01-23
 Libra 1971-05-30 1980-04-04 1989-02-07 1997-12-14 2006-10-19
 Scorpio 1972-02-24 1980-12-29 1989-11-04 1998-09-09 2007-07-16
 Sagittarius 1972-11-19 1981-09-25 1990-07-31 1999-06-05 2008-04-10
 Capricorn 1973-08-15 1982-06-21 1991-04-26 2000-03-01 2009-01-04
 Aquarius 1974-05-12 1983-03-17 1992-01-21 2000-11-25 2009-10-01
 Pisces 1975-02-05 1983-12-11 1992-10-16 2001-08-21 2010-06-27
      This position indicates that the karma of a fighter or maybe even a killer or aggressor is your darkest side. If you do not want the power of Lilith (and at the same time the power of the negative karma) increase, you should aim to balance and gain control over the energies of Mars.
      Lilith positioned in Aries may have three different ways of expression. The lack of Mars energies creates the karma of a coward. The excess of these energies creates the karma of an aggressor. Both cases reveal the absence of an adequate and harmonious relation to the energies of Mars. (It is not difficult to determine the amount of Mars energies. The following descriptions reveal the excess of Mars energies: you are often overwhelmed by aggression and irritability, but you know how to fight for yourself; you welcome ventures and risk; you provoke conflicts. Another group of opposite qualities disclose the lack of Mars energies: you are afraid of everything; you are unable to say ‘no’ when it is necessary to do so; you are unable to defend yourself and what is sacred to you. The latter instance reveals the need to develop courage, simplicity, and an ability to fight for yourself even if you are not sure about the outcome. Mars reflects an ability to take risk when it is necessary to do so.
      Lilith positioned in Aries may also witness the mixture of the previous instances. A person is jumping from the role of a coward to the role of a courageous person and vice versa. It is important to perceive this unsettled position and start looking for the wisest integral position.
      Your relation to fire may be somewhat complicated. This position of Lilith discloses the threat of fires and burns. Any contacts with metal or sharp instruments may be unpleasant to you. This may also be linked to your past lives karma. Then it is especially important to restore and purify your relation to fire. You should spend more time near fire asking it to clean and purify you.
      If you feel that you have too much energy of Mars, you should aim to gain control over your aggression, anger, despotism, egoism, and false pride. You should develop patience, tenderness, peace, sensitivity, and tolerance. Learn to preserve peace and stop looking for the ones to be blamed forgetting to look at yourself…
      This position speaks of the most unsuccessful karma linked to the earth element: body deification, earthly love, things, movable and immovable property, disrespect revealed to life or harm made to it. Often this position discloses the negative karma of a person who lost his love object and was out for revenge driven by jealousy. It may also be the karma of a person who was extremely greedy and was destroying the welfare of others, was taking away and destroying land, or maybe was destroying peace. This position may also be linked to the destruction of towns, debauchery, indulgence in food, and deification of things, body, and money. Lilith in Bull may also speak of a rude behavior and harm made to animals, women abuse, rape, and disrespect. This Lilith position may occur in the horoscope (in the sky map at the moment of birth) of a person who was a slaughterhouse worker, a dogcatcher, a flayer, or a destroyer of fauna in his past lives. This karma is linked to the destruction of natural resources and disrespect revealed to the Earth.
      Such a person may experience the loss of love, wealth, peace, and welfare in this life. This person may have an unpleasant appearance. Women may show little attention to him. Sometimes animals reveal their hatred to him or babies cry at his presence. Greed or deification of things and body would simply mean that you are repeating the same mistakes. Therefore you should aim to develop unconditional love and respect to life. You should avoid jealousy and greed. You should aim for peace, beauty, and simplicity. Do not betray tenderness and respect weaker living beings.
      I have seen many times that this position limits the possibility to have offspring. This is especially true when a person is repeating the same mistakes. Most often this person is in disgrace of the Female principle of the Universe. He has to redeem this disgrace if he wants to find love, inner peace and to have offspring. It is important to aim for the welfare of the Earth. It is essential to develop kindness, tenderness, purity, simplicity, and respect to women, children, fauna, and flora.
      Lilith positioned in Gemini discloses similar qualities which are revealed by Selena positioned in Gemini; however, Lilith presents these qualities upside down. This person may have the dark side of his karma linked to lie, deceit, thefts, superficiality, intrigues, garrulity, and betrayal of promises and oaths.
      Lilith positioned in Gemini discloses the following temptations: information, numbers, instant benefit in trade, speculation in securities, deceit linked to documents, and betrayal of promises seeking one’s personal benefit. You should aim to control yourself not to get involved in intrigues and conscious or unconscious deceit through promises, information, documents, trade, or mediation. Be alert not to become a scapegoat in the speculations and intrigues of other people. If Lilith is still very active, you will be prone to surrender to these temptations. If you have gone through this, you will be able to recognize deceit and pilferers at a distance. This position does not necessarily express the karma linked to spoken deceit. It may also speak of unfaithfulness, levity, or double-dealing. It is important to aim for truth and impersonality in this life. If this karma of Lilith in Gemini is especially complicated, you may suffer from lung diseases, allergy, pain in the arms, or language, memory, sight, and mind impediments. You may also face problems linked to the deceit, thefts, and intrigues organized by others.
      Lilith positioned in Cancer speaks of mistakes and temptations linked to motherhood and babies. This karma may witness destructive behavior linked to women or babies. The history of humanity is full of wars…Or maybe your actions were destructive personally to you, when you were a mother.
      Bad karma in the sign of Cancer may be linked to the dark past of the kindred, destruction of towns, families, and homes as well as the conquest of foreign lands. In this life you should aim to develop respect for the female principle, babies, parents, ancestors, Homeland, and traditions. This karma may also speak of disrespect to burial places, temples, other nations, their languages, culture, and traditions. If you want to have a happy family, you should sincerely seek to develop tenderness and an ability to take care of others. You should learn to create coziness. You should practice and respect faithfulness.
      Lilith positioned in Cancer may reveal the bad karma linked to prostitution and pimping. This activity in the distant past may negatively influence certain spheres in this life. A person may experience an unhappy family life, misfortunes in his kindred, and problems linked to offspring and fertility.
      Lilith in Cancer is also linked to the coward’s karma, surrendering to fears, or betrayal out of fear to be destroyed. It is important to develop courage in this life and get rid of a victim’s role. Often Lilith positioned in Cancer indicates various ways of selfish exploitation: a person may exaggerate symptoms of his illnesses; he may be prone to dramatize everything; he may have neuroses. And underneath all this is rooted willingness to receive attention, support and to live a comfortable life in the constant role of a victim. This person should avoid sentimentality, whimpering as well despotic and egoistic love, which leaves no space for the freedom and independence of others. The overall situation reveals the unbalanced and disharmonious female principle. Too much of it will stimulate sentimentality, cowardice, selfish exploitation, or the female principle despotism. The lack of it will encourage a person to hate women, sensitivity, and tenderness. If you have gone through this, you will be able to recognize the discussed shortcomings in yourself and others. If you have already finished your negative karma in Cancer, you will persistently attempt to help mothers (especially those who are abused), forsaken babies, and the weak.
      Lilith in Leo most often speaks of mistakes linked to egoism and false pride. Most likely you had much power, which spoilt you during your past lives. In this life this you may experience the consequences of the past lives, when you could afford more than you can afford now, when your word was an order, and when others were afraid to criticize you. This position indicates the surrender to false pride, egoism, and willingness to be the most important figure. You may think that a beautiful life, luxury, welfare, and power are inborn qualities. You may believe that you are the most important person. Often this sincere feeling has been nurtured for many lives.
      No wonder if Lilith positioned in Leo encourages you to make a theatre and exaggerate your role in each action. No wonder if you are full of jealousy and touchiness if you meet someone better or more loved than you. This position speaks of the past lives linked to severe fights for power, glory, and spheres of influence. Sometimes this position speaks of a person who is so in love with himself that he refuses to have children and share the attention revealed to him. This person may avoid any difficult work, but desire to live in luxury.
      One of the most important tasks for your soul is to learn to give love, to be generous, caring, and honest. You should aim to break free from the grip of ego, which may seem strong and beautiful to you. Otherwise the life may turn into the meaningless theatre, the emptiness fair, and the land with no space for love and honesty. If you no longer want the power of Lilith to be strong in your live, you should consciously aim for modesty, moderation, simplicity, honesty, and unselfish love. You should get rid of theatricality and self-centeredness. You should learn to give, hear and value others.
      Lilith positioned in Virgo usually speaks of the mistakes and temptations linked to medicine. This position may disclose the karma of a person who in the past lives wanted and attempted to treat others, but brought harm instead. This person may experience an exceptional attraction to medicine in this life as well. However, this would be a complicated way with strange and irrational blunders.
      Lilith positioned in Virgo is also linked to duties and service. This position may speak of the unbalanced relation to work. A person may either avoid any essential work and service or he may deify his work and become a workaholic, who sees nothing else but his work.
      This position may also encourage a person to deify or deny order and hygiene. You can yourself decide which instance applies to you personally.
      Lilith positioned in Virgo may speak of criticism, the faultfinding attitude, the karma of ‘a smarty’ or a telltale, and willingness to be promoted with the help of subservience and splitting on others to authorities.
      These qualities may be significantly or slightly expressed in a person. A person may have all or just one of the mentioned features. It is up to you to decide…
      In this life it is important to seek for order and cleanliness on thought, body, and feeling levels. Not without a reason Virgo is the symbol of purity. It is important to perceive your duties. Aim not to overload others with tasks that are yours. Seek to develop forgiveness and get rid of the faultfinding attitude. Do not give too much prominence to words and avoid intrigues. Learn to calm down your mind. Aim to see and feel the whole. Then trivial things will bother you less. You will see them in a different light.
      One more sphere linked to Lilith positioned in Virgo is possible exaggeration of illnesses. A person may try to hide behind them and become an important figure in this way. The situation may be reverse. A person may experience a panic fear of doctors and have a casual attitude to his health…
      Well, this is your weak karmic side, which needs to be patched up.
      Lilith positioned in Libra speaks of the mistakes and temptations linked to the negative expression of the sign of Libra. First of all it may be constant irresolution, inability and hesitation to make decisions, and irresponsibility. These qualities may stimulate conscious or unconscious betrayals, when action was needed, but you hesitated or stood aside. On the other hand this position may witness conscious and usual double-dealing, when words do not correspond to thoughts. Maybe your karma witnesses the destiny of a judge who consciously or unconsciously made wrong decisions and brought harm to other persons. Lilith positioned in Libra may also speak of the selfish law misuse. Maybe a person practiced deception of law enforcement institutions. ‘Libralike’ fall also represents willingness to please everyone, opportunism, double-dealing, and conscious subservience.
      Lilith positioned in Libra also encourages formalism and dogmatism. Avoid living in ‘a case’ or ‘dolls house’. You should develop honesty, sincerity, and humanity. Your soul should always seek justice and truth if you want to purify your destiny. Otherwise do not get surprised if you face unjust behavior and betrayal.
      Spend more time in fresh air. Aim for clarity, purity, and peace. Avoid intrigues and learn to say ‘no’ when it is necessary to do so.
      This position warns that it is especially important to be careful about relationships and habits. At worst you may face the threat of involvement in mafia structures. It is important to learn from the early childhood to gain control over jealousy, aggression, passions, and fears. This position may witness contacts with the black magic. You may have been involved in this during your past lives. You may have been a victim, an initiator, or a consumer of the black magic. This life may echo this experience. You may face strong opposition and persecution in this life. It may simply seem that you do not deserve this. Nevertheless this may be the retribution for the past mistakes. In this life you should avoid any contacts with magic, martial arts, and suspicious companies. You may get involved in a dangerous and harmful activity, which may bring disastrous effects. Avoid participation in risky and sharp situations. You should aim for harmony, peace, patience, wisdom, forgiveness, and moderation. Develop the perception of a peaceful and harmonious reality. Learn to value what you already have.
      Lilith positioned in Scorpio is also linked to sadism and debauchery. In this life you may be prone to these qualities or you may suffer from genital diseases. You should avoid living in dark premises, cellars, or basements. Your living place should be close to nature. You should live in an open space. The sun should reach it.
     Avoid any forms of dirt. You will definitely face it. Do not start analyzing the source of it. Do not start asking what it is or why you deserve it and etc. This analysis may bring you to the dark world. Simply retreat and give neither prominence nor space for all this in your life.
      It is advisable to avoid black and brown colors in your outfit and environment.
      Lilith positioned in Sagittarius may speak of the complicated past stories linked to religion, spiritual way, spiritual gurus, and authorities. Usually this position discloses the materialistic outlook and lack of trust. Often a person does not even perceive consciously that he does not trust God. He thinks that he is a believer, but indeed he is afraid to open to God and the guidance of the spirit. His prayers and trust are formal and superficial. He is afraid, unwilling, and unable to pray sincerely and independently. Therefore a person may experience unease, doubts, tremble, and fears when approaching spiritual experiences and practices. This person should aim to restore a true and deep relationship to the Creator. He should ask the Creator to forgive him for the materialistic outlook and the denial of the Creator’s will. Lilith positioned in Sagittarius may also witness harm brought to temples, priests, religious people, and religion.
      This position is also linked to despotism, cruelty, and unwillingness to hear others. It may also witness piracy, the conquest of foreign lands, and plunder. Lilith positioned in Sagittarius speaks of the pirates, cheerful robbers, wars of the cross, inquisition, the feats of Cortes, and revolutionary takeovers.
      Where are these cheerful pirates and heroes? Many of them are walking among us…What are the consequences? A person respects only himself and this attitude inhibits his ability to deserve authority, respect, and a stable social status. The same can be said about his relation to God. The mind of this person dares to criticize or even condemn God.
      In this life a person should aim to perceive the concept of respect. This person should revise which authorities in his life deserve true respect. He should check if he has an appropriate attitude to them. Often this person communicates superficially and does not perceive the principle of hierarchy. He simply does not imagine that there is someone on a higher evolutionary level than he. Sometimes it may seem that this person creates authority and then destroys it.
      It may be that a person has already gone through this. Then he will easily notice negative and positive sides of any authority. He will not surrender to subservience. Nevertheless this person should aim to gain control over his inner despot, boss, and critic…
      Often a person who has his Lilith positioned in Capricorn is prone to melancholy and depression. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. This planet is responsible for the old age, burial places, history, past, long processes, loneliness, solitude, cold, and withdrawal. Therefore Lilith positioned in Capricorn is linked to these qualities.
      Well, in this instance we should discuss the negative side of Saturn’s expression…Often this person is like a millstone on a leg to himself. Still in his twenties he starts speaking about the old age and death. Sometimes he starts developing these issues at sixteen…Sadness is his constant companion. He is constantly looking back at better times. He exaggerates illnesses. Other disharmonious aspects of Saturn are disbelief, pessimism, fatalism, withdrawal, extreme parsimony, exaggerated caution, solitude, passivity, bad smell, and slovenliness. Often this person complains more than others, but lives long. He may become cruel in his revenge for the solitude he himself has chosen. He may persecute his enemies for many years. He exaggerates and does not forget any grievances. Any love and inspiration may die in the presence of his selfishness, withdrawal, suspicion, and parsimony. In the extreme instance the home of this person turns into the cellar or even a worse place full of various old and unnecessary things… Well, this characteristic applies when Lilith is especially strong. Maybe this intense and a bit exaggerated picture will help you to feel the essence…In other cases Lilith ‘draws’ a picture of a grumbler or a reserved person who is always blaming others for his misfortunes.
      Maybe you have recognized yourself in the picture of this gloomy person? If in any aspect this picture reminds you of yourself, you should make every effort to learn to rejoice, love, open, and communicate no matter how hard it can be. Develop forgiveness, lightness, optimism, and humor. Do not give too much prominence to yourself. Allow your friends and relatives to teach you to develop love, forgiveness, optimism, and tenderness. It is especially important to learn to relax, rejoice, and shift your attention from yourself to the surrounding world. Move, go in for sports, and be careful not to stiffen, close, or pass into loneliness, because then Lilith would gain its greatest power.
      Do not live in gloomy and dark places. Avoid black, dark blue, and brown colors in your outfit. You should welcome white, green, and peach colors…
      Lilith positioned in Aquarius usually speaks of misused freedom. A person believes that he can do anything, but others cannot act in the same way. Lilith may also speak of another instance, when a person has forgotten freedom or has sold it for comfort, wealth, safety, power, or other temptations.
      Probably you are extremely attached to technical devices (computers, cars, mobiles, etc.) or you hate and fear them. In both cases it is important to restore a balanced relation. You should be neither a slave nor a supplement to technical devices.
      Lilith positioned in Aquarius also highlights the issue of relationship and friendship. Friends are important to you, but relations may be complicated or disharmonious. You should aim for pure relations, which match your needs and evolutionary stage. Beware of the bad companies and do not cheat your friends.
      Aquarius is linked to renewal, insight, and inventions. In this instance we should speak about the negative side of the mentioned qualities. Lilith may witness the destiny of a rebel, when renewal was splitting destroying everything around. Lilith may speak of harmful inventions or the destiny of a person who himself resisted necessary change and brought much harm to scientists and inventors. Maybe this person was a slaveholder, who despised the freedom of others.
      It is important to develop an adequate attitude towards freedom in this life. You should neither betray nor misuse it. You should develop an optimistic and harmonious attitude to changes and future. You should learn to choose and value friends. You should not blame others for your misfortunes. One more important issue is the freedom of mind and intellect. Do not allow false pride to enter your mind and beware of the danger to get lost in the virtual world. Therefore it is essential to preserve human relations, warmth, sincerity, honesty, and an ability to love.
      Usually Lilith positioned in Pisces witnesses temptations and mistakes linked to spiritual and religious way. Therefore a person may have a complicated relation to the Creator, religion, and spiritual practices in this life. Lilith may also speak of black magic, sects, inappropriate behavior in monasteries, and attachment to the dark and secret world. On the whole this position may speak of all possible negative aspects of religion, spiritual teachings, and magic (inquisition, the wars of the cross, the black magic, etc.). What about your role? Were you an initiator or a victim? In both cases all aspects linked to Pisces were left damaged by pain, fear, and fall waiting for purification.
      The positive qualities of Pisces are an ability to make a sacrifice for others, compassion, willingness to help others, and mercifulness. Maybe you lack these qualities? On the other hand you may have the dramatic karma linked to the opposite qualities, when others abused your mercifulness and you were unable to protect yourself. Then you should learn to recognize persons who deserve sacrifice and support and those who are prone to abuse mercifulness. Maybe Lilith positioned in Pisces indicates the need to learn to protect your values and cease being a silent whiny victim. Stop looking for suffering and dramas. Look for purity, peace, and simplicity.
      Strong Lilith may stimulate strange and mystic situations linked to sects, black magic, curse, drugs, or similar things.
      You should aim for sobriety and clarity. You should avoid fanaticism, vague situations, magic, sects, and bad habits (alcohol, smoking, narcotic substances, and drug addiction). The negative side of Pisces also discloses poisoning and secret harm. Maybe your karma reflects this? Avoid any dirt and vague situations. Purify karma of Lilith positioned in Pisces through the peaceful and true prayer, which is full of love. Seek to restore a true relation to the Creator. May this relation be your main value. Do not allow yourself to be tempted to fast, impressive, and exceptional spiritual way. It belongs to your past lives…Do not forget that solitude and withdrawal represent Lilith. Therefore do not dissociate yourself from others.
Nijole Gabija Wolmer

© N. G. Wolmer. All rights reserved.
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